Thursday, 31 July 2008


So I got thinking about which really British subject I could do my first few posts on. I immediately thought of cakes and then jubilee celebrations. Here is a young man enjoying 1977 from worcestershire's website. What would you think of when I say 'Britain'?

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

To mail or not to mail

Previously I would send all invitations by Royal Mail. Although I am still a big fan of sending information by post I will be giving invitations out by hand and posting them on this space. This way invites can be handed out to people and passed on to friends. I hope to inform more people about what we are doing at The Winter Entertainments Club through this new way of inviting.

The Winter Entertainments Club has arrived

The Winter Entertainments Club is back in London. That means monthly meetings of games, dancing, demonstrations, raffles and prizes, all with a theme, will be commencing in the not so distant future. Not to mention all the homemade invitations, newsletters, club badges, homemade cakes and club membership cards that will once again be in your grasp. My plan is to continue the monthly evening with many new ideas, games and prizes. I'll be using this space to keep everyone up to date with details about meetings, news letters, invitations and anything else that I come up with. I'll also be updating as often as I can with ideas, findings and inspirations for traditional life in modern Britain.
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