Monday, 22 February 2010

Looking out the window

On Friday I wrote a little list of little things which would make me feel good that I'd like to do over the weekend. One thing on the list was 'take photos of the view whilst travelling'. I took th epictures of the clouds whilst on the train back to London and the photos of Kings Cross Station whilst on the bus to Euston Station.

Fancy a Match?

I just had to show this table football which I saw in my favourite Liverpool charity shop this weekend. Look at the label, it say "Derby Match Game". For those of you who don't really know about Liverpool or don't live in England the two local teams in Liverpool wear Red (Liverpool) and Blue (Everton). The best part about this table is that they only want £6.50 for it. If I lived in Liverpool and had a big house with a games room I'd totally buy this and place it next to a duke box.

Friday, 19 February 2010

A pretty little lady

This is the hand sewn item which I said I was inspired by when making the little acorn purse. My friend Karen made it and I think it's so pretty. She's really very skilled with her neat little stitches. She's going to be starting her own shop soon aptly called My Mum Taught Me To Sew and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. The little lady is now placed on my bedroom door, doesn't she look welcoming?

Things to Make and Do

This weekend I'm off to Liverpool to visit my Grandma and my Grandad. Grandad will make me eat three almond slices in a row and Grandma will tell me exciting stories. Here's a list of things to make and do this week. My theme this week - Feeling Girly

1. Make your own pretty underwear and make it look elegant like this.

2. Make a bunch of these sweet flowers and hand them to your friends.

3. Brighten your home with cut out bouquets

4. Sort out your wardrobe and your style so you look good in Spring

5. Work out how to fold beautiful star shaped love letters (and tell me if you manage!)

6. Take up a little hand sewing project and make a lovely cushion

7. Make some more pretty hair clips

8. Fill your weekend with cups of tea, reading books, homemade biscuits and a little bit of making and a little bit of doing. Enjoy x
photo by pony tail

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Standing at the bus stop

I was stood at a bus stop over the weekend, after my little visit to the postal museum, when I noticed;
the view to my right and the view to my left
It made me smile. I love how in London everywhere you turn you'll see a different view.

Stamps and more stamps

My trip to the Postal Museum was a bit of a let down. It isn't the place which has lots of objects, it just has books and photos. Still interesting but not what I was after. The place with objects is in Essex, England and only opens once a month. I'm wanting to do a series of drawings relating to the Royal Mail. Here's a few photos of some stationery I recently made to write a letter to a friend . Like I don't have an entire box of letter writing stationery under my bed that I could have chosen from......

Friday, 12 February 2010

Things to Make and Do

Hello Everyone,
Tomorrow I'm spending the day at the Postal Museum in London with my sketchbook and I can't wait to be inspired. I'll be going to see Nowhere Boy tomorrow night and I'm sure it will have me yearning for my home city. Here are some things for you to make and do over the coming week;

Forget making these pretty hair clips for children, I'd rather make them for myself.

Fancy making something very simple? These snowflakes are beautiful and delicate.

Don't forget Shrove Tuesday. If you haven't made the skinny pancakes before (not the American ones) then here's a recipe. Pancake race anyone? See you there.

I'm wanting to make some cushions and keep thinking of this granny square.

Speaking of granny squares could you make one of these? I know I couldn't.

Some girls carry manicure kits other girls carry crochet hooks!

I keep thinking about making my own clothes and I'm inspired by this shop.

Make someone special their very own charming mail box.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Picture from a Royal Mail flickr group

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Once I made: a little cat clutch bag

I made two of these little bags for friends at Christmas. I used handles I had picked up in charity shops and a cream and a blue linen. They were very simple to make.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Wondering to work

Do you fancy keeping me company whilst I walk to work? I actually took a lot of photos on my way to work this morning but I selected only a few.

The pond was iced over with a light sprinkling of snow on it.

This old shop on the corner of the Lane was being painted today. I snatched a photo before the sign is gone to.

This big old wall would have surrounded the gardens of the house I work in.

We've arrived! There's the house. Thank you for keeping me company :)

One last note, when I was greeting a group of school children who were visiting the House, a little girl of about five said to me 'you have a really nice house and a beautiful garden'. I told her I didn't actually live there but she wasn't interested.
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