Friday, 22 August 2008

This weekend

You could swing by the bandstand at Kensington Gardens to do a little Scottish country dancing. It's run by The Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society and it's on from 2 till 4.

Or if being swung around by men in kilts isn't your thing then take a picnic to the bandstand in St. James Park and simply watch and listen to The Watford Brass Band. 3-4.20 or 5-6.15pm. Looking at these pictures it look pretty quiet and you might be lucky enough to lounge on the deck chairs.

Did you know....

That during the 1908 London Olympics Britain was the only team represented for the Women's Archery Event. And that the 'Tug of War' event was won by The London Police Team. You can read the story of the 1908 Olympics and see good images here on the british broadcasting corporation's website. Its all rather interesting.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Lets Go!

You could join this South East London Tandem Club. It looks pretty fun to me.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Step inside

Through till the end of September you'll be able to visit the 'smallest cinema in the world' in Regent's Park. Thursdays (that's today) to Sundays Annika Eriksson will be placing her tiny cinema in different locations around the park. The videos she will be showing will relate to Regents Park being a public space which everyone can use rather than 'for the wealthy and the good' as it was originally intended. The project is part of Portavilion,explained on the website as 'a portable public art project that will occupy a trail of famous parks across Central London throughout the summer 2008'.

In the nature mood

If you are looking for something to do tomorrow afternoon you could go on this guided walk about trees at Hyde Park, 'Walking with giants'. You'll get to hear about tree folklore. The walk lasts an hour and a half. All the details are on the royal parks website, which by the way is a really good. Oh and the best bit is it's free, just call up and book.
And whilst you're getting in the nature mood take a look at british-trees. Its got great links to identification sheets (which you can print out ) and a native tree guide. Enjoy.

Looking back

Here are some pictures taken by Winter Entertainments Club member, Neil McQuillian, in 2005. This was the musical instruments themed evening. Which was actually my favourite meeting. Even though the room looks a bit grotty it was a really good atmosphere, everyone squeezed in and enjoyed all the games. I like the photo of me explained to some poor guy with a hat over his eyes what's about to happen.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Away from home

How brilliant to know that now when you go on your jollies to France you can get all those British necessities right there at Things British. It's an online shop mainly aimed at Brits who have moved to France and can't live without Birds custard, Bisto Gravy or Shredded Wheat. The website says 'Fresh French food is unrivalled in our opinion so we decided to concentrate on those special things that were uniquely British and that we all love to be able to find in the cupboard!'. Great, that means a reputation for excellent dried and canned goods, aren't you just proud to be British.

And they aren't alone, 'a bit of home' in Canada or 'treats from home' in Australia will also provide you with all your Penguin biscuits should you up sticks to another continent.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Using a bucket to wash up.

I've been camping since I was a baby so I was happy to read in this Guardian article that camping in England is still growing in popularity. Not really of any surprise but it's good to see the facts. Long live the British campsite.

I was in luck

Not only was my weekend filled with shell collecting and walking on the beach as I had hoped but also; homemade strawberry jam, delicous homemade food, swimming in the sea, swimming in a lake, eating lunch in the summer house, playing with dogs in the garden. It was idyllic. We were in a beautiful house in the middle of the countryside. Lunching by the lake felt like 'The Darling Buds of May' (in a good way of course).

Friday, 1 August 2008

Shells and seaweeds

Im going to Norfolk for the weekend with freinds. I'm hoping that there will be lots of;

walking on the beach
rumaging in rock pools
collecting shells
sighting the local barn owl
riding horses (or at least watching)
bird watching
plant identification
meeting locals
having a pint in the pub
I'll be posting again on Monday.
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