Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Away from home

How brilliant to know that now when you go on your jollies to France you can get all those British necessities right there at Things British. It's an online shop mainly aimed at Brits who have moved to France and can't live without Birds custard, Bisto Gravy or Shredded Wheat. The website says 'Fresh French food is unrivalled in our opinion so we decided to concentrate on those special things that were uniquely British and that we all love to be able to find in the cupboard!'. Great, that means a reputation for excellent dried and canned goods, aren't you just proud to be British.

And they aren't alone, 'a bit of home' in Canada or 'treats from home' in Australia will also provide you with all your Penguin biscuits should you up sticks to another continent.

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