Friday, 21 August 2009

This museum is in my top five ever.

I usually don't put quite so many photos as this up. And I try to write about mainly traditional Britain but I couldn't resist putting up photos of the Royal Africa Museum in Belgium. It was one of the best things we did whilst there.

First of all look at the cafe. It looks like it's straight from a Wes Anderson film. Those nuns, all in blue, I posted yesterday, they were sitting in the garden.

and now enjoy the displays..........

oh and these guys were at the front. I love that I look like I'm on safari.


  1. the elephant looks like it's made out of ritz crackers and chex trail mix. a delicious safari.

  2. I really like your style and the way you set up your blogs. Im new to this and I was wondering if you could show me the ropes by giving me tips on how to improve my blogs. Thanks:)


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